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Hi everyone! I'm a newbie, heading on over to SSU in the fall as a transfer student.

Do any of you guys ride your bike to school?

Would you consider Rohnert Park to be a bike friendly town?

Is bike theft a problem on campus?

Thanks in advance. =)

rumor or truth

I heard recently that there have been six rapes in the last year at Sonoma. I was also alarmed by this post. My parents insist that this would be in the newspapers and we would be hearing about it if it were true -- but not if the school wasn't talking about it, or if the rapes weren't reported but students knew what was going on. Is any of this true, and if so, what is being done to prevent this from continuing to happen? As an incoming freshman, this isn't making me want to go there.
Hey guys,
Is there anything going on tonight?  420 Friendly or otherwise...  I'm into live music and comedy shows.


Dec. 4th, 2007

I'm taking a geography class for an upper-division GE. At the beginning of the semester, I signed up for the class pass/fail because I heard the professor was really hard. However, it turned out to be a new teacher and I've gotten As on all my assignments. Does anyone know if it's possible to petition to have your grade changed on your transcript from credit/no credit to a letter grade? Thanks.

Room for Rent

If anyone is still looking for Off Campus Housing I'm looking for an additional roommate.

Mid sized room(about 10'x10') in a four bedroom, 2.5 bath house in south Santa Rosa (Kawana Spings). Location is great, just off Petaluma Hill Road, and only a couple blocks from the freeway providing easy access to campus.

Rent is $450 + utilities (PGE, Phone/DSL. around $45-50 depending on heating/cooling).
The house is currently occupied by 4 guys including myself (2 of them share a room).
We have a interior washer and dryer upstairs. The kitchen and living room is spacious.
Kitchen is equipped with a gas range/oven, and dishwasher.

You should be drug free, responsible, and willing to pitch in with chores.
I'm sorry but we don't allow pets (fish, snakes, and other self contained/non rodent pets are negotiable).

If you have any questions please call Martin at: 707 542 5794


I was just kinda wondering, how's the Alsace building, when compared to the rest of Beaujolais on the average? I think I heard some vaugue grumblings about parking? I don't know. Is there anything I should be expecting, basically? (Example: The pool may seem neat but there's algae growing in it.)

And is anyone else y'know, really excited to back to school because home is boring as all hell? Maybe that's just me. I'll stop geeking out now.



The better way to think about it is this: NEVER USE POWERPOINT EVER. In my five years of college, I have never seen Powerpoint do anything other than ruin a presentation. Just a suggestion to help you raise your grade for presentations. :)

Jun. 16th, 2007

So this is probably all going to sound really lame, but hi, I'm Caitlin. :) My stepsister is going to be a freshman at SSU, and I'm going to be a high school senior in Sacramento. But I grew up in Petaluma and always knew I was coming back for college. So, I'm basically obsessed with Sonoma.

My question is, are there any Hutchins majors here? I'm interested int he program, even though I have a while before I can start applying to the school. I've only mentioned it to one of my SSU friends, and she said that no one ever sees the Hutchins majors because they're always so incredibly busy. Then again, she hated the school and transferred back to CSUS, so I don't know if I should trust her word or not. But yeah. Any information you have about Hutchins majors [especially track three] would be awesome. :)


Canon i450 printer for Sale $20

We recently upgraded to an all-in-one style printer, so we are selling our Canon i450! Works GREAT. The ink for it is cheap too. There is even ink left in there (color and black and white!) We don't have the disk for it any longer, but I checked and the driver needed to install the printer is on the canon website. I also do not have a printer cable, becuase I had to use that with my new one. Cash only. Pickup in Santa Rosa, near windsor.